NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
ansi-terminal-gamecross-platform library for terminal games Francesco Ariis2023-05-14 12:59
gscholar-rssscrapes google scholar, provides RSS feed Francesco Ariis2023-03-19 09:28
lentilfrugal issue tracker Francesco Ariis2023-05-23 11:59
line-drawingraster line drawing Francesco Ariis2023-03-19 09:47
linebreakbreaks strings to fit width Francesco Ariis2023-04-23 17:27
scalpel-searchscalpel scrapers for search engines Francesco Ariis2023-03-19 10:05
timers-ticktick based timers Francesco Ariis2023-04-23 17:25
venzoneplatform-adventure in the Carnic Alps Francesco Ariis2023-05-03 09:26