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Author: Francesco Ariis <>
Date:   Wed, 22 Mar 2023 13:25:26 +0100

Fix balls documentation

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diff --git a/example/Balls.hs b/example/Balls.hs @@ -13,14 +13,12 @@ import qualified Data.Tuple as T There are three things I will showcase in this example: 1. ** How you can display current FPS. ** - This is done using `Game` to create your game rather than - `simpleGame`. `Game` is a bit more complex but you gain - additional infos to manipulate/blit, like FPS. + This is done using information passed via `GEnv` (eFPS). 2. ** How your game can gracefully handle screen resize. ** Notice how if you resize the terminal, balls will still fill the entire screen. This is again possible using `Game` - and the information passed via GameEnv (in this case, terminal + and the information passed via GEnv (in this case, terminal dimensions). 3. ** That — while FPS can change — game speed does not. **