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moiré no more (2021-10-12 07:44:00)

<FSi> it's almost as if GTK maintainers are paid to keep the most common
      use-cases taking at least 1 click more than those on win/macos

green is awesome (2021-09-10 08:31:00)

society of spectacle (2021-08-26 08:42:00)

demonios de barro (2021-08-21 20:51:00)

a cyoa (2021-08-08 20:31:00)

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git git (2021-07-05 20:21:00)

<FSi> 1. type "git" in terminal, thinking to finish it later
<FSi> 2. switch to a different tab/screen to check things
<FSi> 3. switch back, type "git add ."
<FSi> 4. end up with "git git add ."

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pigafetta (2021-02-09 06:22:00)

I have released a small game for Librejam 202102:


grab it here.


isolating (2021-01-30 07:14:00)

Having tested positive for Cov-SARS2, I am at home in isolation.

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snow (2020-12-28 07:44:00)

Your video card does not support any of the supported OpenGL versions.
Please update your drivers or if you have a very old or integraded GPU upgrade it.

I need to buy a new laptop. Links:

links for St. Lucy’s day (2020-12-13 08:07:00)

mail time (2020-12-03 07:35:00)

<brewton> we had an evacuation preparation notice about 2.5 hours ago
<brewton> fire seems contained now, probably won't have to evac
<brewton> just unloaded my car, will unpack in the morning
<brewton> funny - I've been trying to get rid of stuff for months but
          I managed to decide what I wanted to keep from burning within
          about 20 minutes

I have received this beautiful letter from abroad:

letter from abroad

Corresponding on paper is always cosy, if you want to receive an envelope from Italy, contact me.


clustering (2020-11-25 07:44:00)

<eb0t> there are only 2 types of people.....people who backup and people
       who have not yet had a devastating life changing failure

I have done some cluster analysis on the 2020 Haskell survey. Like it? Share!

I have also set up an IRC server for the first time in my life: first set up the server, then the services for NickServ & friends, then turn on all the modules that are customary in this day and age… if self-hosting is to become a thing, the install user experience needs to improve.

links for All Souls' Day (2020-11-02 21:38:00)